Online Intake and Call Center Kits

As technology becomes an increasingly critical part of how we work, organizational leaders are actively seeking ways to learn more about the software and best practices that can make their programs more effective and help them meet or exceed the LSC Technology Baselines. But with so many different technologies and solutions available, how do you know what’s useful, what’s affordable, and what’s practical?

To help you find the answers, Idealware partnered with the Michigan Advocacy Program to publish four Technology Toolkits. Each breaks a complex topic of specific interest to the legal aid community down into easy-to-understand, actionable pieces. Funded by an LSC Technology Initiatives Grant, the toolkits are free to download.

Earlier this year, we released the first two toolkits on Information Security and Knowledge Management. Now we’re pleased to announce the next two in the series!

online triage and intake a toolkit for legal aid organizations

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