ABA Center for Innovation Fellows

The ABA Center for Innovation is looking to enable people who think they have a idea that will improve access to justice. They will provide a space and resources in two separate ways.

If you graduated from law school in the last 5 years you can apply to be a NextGen Fellow. With this you will spend a year in residence in the ABA headquarters in Chicago and  receive a $45,000 stipend with benefits. The first group of

On the other hand if you are a little bit more established you can come in as an Innovation Fellow. Here you will take a 9-12 week sabbatical from your job to come to the ABA headquarters to work on your idea. This position does not have a stipend that comes with it, instead the center will be working to finding outside sponsors to aid you. For this position a JD is not required.

In addition to a place to work and potentially a stipend both of these positions will provide some training to help you get your project off the ground and you will have access to some of the best minds in the area of education, technology, and innovation.

If you are interested you can apply by sending in a 500-750 word project statement that the problem you would solve, your experience with the problem, and the resources you would need for your idea. Also include your resume and optionally a short video or presentation that supplements your statement.

Send applications to innovationcenter@americanbar.org

For more information and the FAQ  check out the ABA’s page on the openings.

Center for Innovation

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