VP of Engineering - HelpSelf Legal - San Fransisco, LA

We are looking for a VP of Engineering (VPE) to scale HelpSelf’s engineering and technology in support of our next stage of growth.  This engineer will work directly with our CEO and CTO and serve as a senior member of the leadership team.  The VPE will have responsibility for both the technical direction of the company and the growth of the engineering organization. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Work with our non-profit, governmental, and law firm customers to build tools that make the legal process easier for lawyers, volunteers, and their clients.
  • Strategize with CEO/CTO to make strategic and tactical technical decisions to evolve our platform.  Execute on those decisions.
  • Navigate balance of delivering an amazing client experience with investing in the future.
  • Continue to evolve security practices and resourcing to meet needs of protecting clients.  


  • 5+ years of full-time engineering experience.
  • Experience in Ember.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.
  • Experience in Docassemble is a huge plus.
  • Bonus points if you have a great Stack Overflow presence or cool projects in your Github.
  • Passion for HelpSelf’s mission, and a strong desire to work with us closely to scale our software business into a global enterprise platform. 

About Us 

HelpSelf is a software company that automates legal work for legal aid organizations, courts, and lawyers across the world.  Our software platform allows anyone to turn frequently used templates, pleadings, contracts, or court forms into intelligent interviews.  In addition to licensing our software, we build tools for organizations to publish for their clients.  For example, we have created widely-used platforms to address the needs of domestic violence survivors, to protect consumer debtors, to navigate divorce and housing proceedings, and expungements, among others. 


Contact dorna@helpselflegal.com to apply

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