2019 Webinar RFP

Organizational Overview

The Legal Services National Technology Project (NTAP) is housed at the Northwest Justice Project in Seattle and serves a nationwide audience of legal aid organizations. NTAP helps nonprofit legal aid programs improve client services through the effective and innovative use of technology. To do this, we provide technology trainings, maintain information, create online tools, and host community forums such as the LSNTAP email list and YouTube channel.

Request Overview

NTAP is responsible for providing the community with at least 10 webinars in 2019 and is requesting proposals from vendors to host one or more webinars. NTAP is looking for webinars covering a range of topics including looks at upcoming technologies, trainings on getting the most from existing tools, and portmortums on existing and finished projects. Webinars should be 60 to 90 minutes in length with at least 15% of the time left for open for Q&A. Applicants are encouraged to proposals that incorporate new ideas and technologies. Look at the NTAP YouTube Channel to see previous webinars but do not feel limited to topics already covered. Webinars will be presented through NTAPs GoToWebinar account. These webinars are free to the attendees.

Target Audience

Legal Aid professionals including lawyers, paralegals, executive directors, support staff and technology staff

Required Deliverables

1) Title and description: At signing of contract provide a title and 2-3 paragraph description of the presentation to be used to promote the the webinars

2) Speakers: No later than 30 days before the webinar provide a full list of presenters.

3) Materials: Vendor is responsible for collecting course materials and slides from all speakers and providing them to NTAP to be posted online 1 week before the Webinar.

4) Licensing: All training content must be eligible for an open license like the Creative Commons By License. This allows the community to reuse and build upon the resources created from this project

5) Final Reporting: Each vendor must submit a short report of 5 or fewer pages on how the trainings performed. NTAP will conduct surveys after each training and share the results with vendors.

Proposals that do not include all required deliverables will be considered on a case by case basis. NTAP is open to new ideas.

Some ideas for topics include:

  • Online Intake

  • Expert Systems

  • Disaster Preparedness

  • Free Tech/Legal Resources

  • Tech Tips

  • Data Visualizations

  • Video production & Sharelaw Video

  • Business Analytics for Legal Services

  • Usability and Accessibility

  • Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

  • Case Management Systems

  • Mobile Apps for Legal

  • Services Basic

  • Tech trainings in core technologies (Microsoft, Moogle, ect)

  • Social Media use in Legal Services

  • Privacy & SecurityAI and Machine Learning

  • Chatbots

We are looking for new applicable topics that will aid legal services offices, improve their technology infrastructure, as well as client services. Feel free to propose topics beyond this list.

Required Proposal Format

The proposal must contain a (1) a cost section (2) a technical section and (3) an experience section (4) references

Cost Section

Vendor must provide a budget with cost possession. NTAP has a limited budget and must host at least 10 trainings this year. Please specify the number of trainings you are interesting in developing and presenting. All webinars must be presented during 2019.

Request for References

Vendor must include contact information for at least two references for similar work

Submission Deadline:

December 20th, 2019

Submit Proposal:

Via Email to sart.rowe@NWJustice.org

Sart Rowe

National Technology Assistance Project Coordinator

LSNTAP.org Basis for Award of Contract Cost: features offered, expertise, and past experience.

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Posted: October 23, 2018