RFP Announcement: Develop a statewide website - Montana Legal Services Association

Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) is soliciting responses from vendors interested in developing a statewide website / application resource providing information and resources to crime victims and service providers.  Please see the attached Request for Proposals (RFP) for additional information.

The vendor will work with MLSA staff and stakeholders to develop a robust, comprehensive, mobile-optimized website and/or online tool providing information and resources for victims of crime and service providers throughout Montana.   MLSA staff and stakeholders will develop content. The vendor will build, test, and assist MLSA with the launch of a web-based app providing victim-centric legal information utilizing artificial intelligence and leading UX practices.

We will consider all responses that are sent to the RFP Coordinator, Mel Fisher, at mfisher@mtlsa.org by 5:00 pm MST on January 18, 2019. Please include the name of the project, “Montana Crime Victim Website / Application” in the subject line. All vendor communications concerning this Request for Proposal must be directed to mfisher@mtlsa.org. Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and nonbinding on MLSA. Only written statements issued by the RFP Coordinator may be relied upon.

Grant funding for this project comes from a subgrant from the National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI).  NCVLI will be a partner in the work and will also ensure MLSA and the vendor access to national experts in technology and safety considerations for victims of crime, including ProBono Net and the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Safety Net program.

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