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Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF) seeks a professional marketing and public relations agency with the expertise and experience to redesign CLSMF’s website to focus on disaster relief, provide easier navigation, and include a “live chat” function to provide immediate assistance. This project is intended to fully redevelop the current website for optimal flow of information and enhanced end-user accessibility. The website must be mobile responsive. The project is expected to begin January 28, 2019 and be completed by April 30, 2019.


Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF) promotes equal access to justice, a core American value. Studies show that 50-80% of low-income Americans’ legal needs go unmet. CLSMF provides civil legal aid to help low-income people protect their livelihoods, their health, and their families. We make it easier for our vulnerable population to access information, receive legal assistance and representation, and to know and understand their rights. CLSMF is a full-service law firm addressing issues related to consumer protection, family law, children and education, domestic violence, elder abuse and neglect, health and income-related benefits, housing, and veterans’ benefits. Every year, we help thousands of Central Floridians obtain and maintain the basic necessities of life, including: food, shelter, health care, safety and education.


mission is: To provide access to justice through high-quality legal assistance to lowincome persons. The goal of the organization is to educate the community about civil legal issues so that they can make informed decisions to avoid problematic situations. In addition, they will learn how to anticipate legal issues so they are able to reach out for help in time to circumvent a crisis situation. Our vision is to increase access to justice to people living in poverty by leveraging technology, innovation and mobility to expand the reach and impact of legal aid. CLSMF strives to be a Community Legal Services of Mid Florida RFP Website Redevelopment Project 2 | P A G E cohesive regional law firm with the capacity to engage in high-impact litigation for the benefit of low-income persons, minorities, veterans, and the elderly in Central Florida.

We are working toward:

  • Becoming statewide leaders in the delivery of legal services
  • Serving as experts in our fields of practice
  • Serving our communities holistically
  • Using mobility with technology to serve more clients more efficiently


underwent a rebranding effort in 2013 resulting in a new logo, print materials and website design. Recently, we have been awarded a grant to undertake the redevelopment of the website to focus on disaster response in the wake of hurricanes and other tragedies affecting our state. With this opportunity, we seek to enhance the usability of the website for optimal enduser experience, including mobile-responsive functionality.


The goal of this project is to fully redesign CLSMF’s website.
Elements of the new design include:

  • A focus on disaster relief resources,
  • Navigation tools which easily facilitate access to the vast amount of information presented to the public,
  • A live chat function,
  • Mobile responsive capability,
  • Ability to take payments separately from donations (a donation form can be embedded on a specific page using current donation processing platform to keep donations from other registration or purchase payments separate),
  • Capability to create forms to record registrations for events,
  • Calendar function with the ability to add multiple and reoccurring dates,
  • Blog post capability,
  • Easily handle media files with ability to edit onsite

The scope of work included the following: architecture; content strategy; wireframes, UX and UI; design and creative direction; extended design prototyping; WordPress development for responsive platforms; and project management.


requests that all interested agencies submit proposals by December 31, 2018. CLSMF will review all proposals and select a partner agency by January 15, 2019. The selected agency should begin working with CLSMF January 28, 2019, with a project completion goal of April 30, 2019.



The budget for this project is $50,000 which includes all aspects of the planning and implementation. We ask that the interested company for this project provide options that detail cost for each individual task/item which would need to be completed.



Firm Information

• Provide agency’s name, address, URL, telephone and fax numbers. Include name, title and e-mail address of the individual who will serve as agency’s primary contact. Include a brief description and history of your firm.

Project Approach • Please explain your project approach, style and process. Experience

• Proposals should include a list of projects the agency has completed that are similar in scale to the proposed project. Please include at least one in-depth case study that includes a limited number of creative samples. Where possible, highlight work for analogous organizations.

Schedule and Timeline

• Proposals should include the proposed work schedule, timeline, and deliverables resulting from each task outlined in the section on Project Scope and Deliverables.

• The contract is expected to begin January 28, 2019 and should be completed by April 30, 2019.


• Proposals must include the estimated cost for all work related to tasks and deliverables outlined in the schedule/timeline. Please indicate items that are not included in the consultation fee but are likely charges to be incurred by CSLMF to complete this process.


Proposals must be submitted via email to copy to by 5:00 p.m. (EST) on December 31, 2019.

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