Building a Rights-Based Approach to User Data Privacy and Security

Research indicates that many people do not understand the complexity of data privacy laws, and have limited knowledge of how the increasing integration of commercial, third party tools impacts how their data might be used. At the same time, new efforts such as the GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act promise to significantly enhance user ownership and control over their data. This webinar will highlight effective approaches to developing and presenting privacy policies for end users and clients, with an emphasis on building data literacy and trust among low income and vulnerable users of online legal help systems. Panelists will share their insights on how to build purposeful data collection models, which are those where data gathering and sharing is limited to fulfilling the intended goal of the program and potential recipients are knowledgeable about how their data will be used as well as the risks associated with the disclosure of said information.

Moderator: Quisquella Addison, LawHelpNY Program Director

Invited Panelists:

  • Mary O’Shaughnessy, Director of Information Services at HerJustice
  • Sebastian Zavala, Program Manager at Immigration Advocates Network
  • Cynthia Conti-Cook, Ford Foundation
  • Katie Lam, Legal Empowerment Fellow at Pro Bono Net