May 2018 Legal Aid Hackathon


On May 19-20, 2018 LSC and Bay Area Legal Services as well as many other partners hosted the Legal Aid Virtual Hackathon. At it participants formed into teams and created nine projects which were each an idea of how to address some issue where legal aid and technology do or could overlap. Below is a list of all the projects with a short description and a link to more information. If you want more details head over to the official page at



1. Browser Extension for Court Operators to Share Their Projects

This is a browser plugin that help court operators report and share their projects.

2. Reminders and guided steps for required check-ins with case worker

This is a suggestion for an app that would assist caseworkers who are working with parents in open dependency cases.

3. Docassemble Template Builder in MSWord

This is a project to build a Microsoft Word addon that makes it easier to edit Docassemble templates.

4. Multi-Jurisdiction Legal Elements for Eviction

This is a proposal to create a library of common legal elements for evictions that are consistent across jurisdictions to make it easier to make digital tools that can be quickly modified to fit local laws.

5. Ethics & Privacy Best Practices

This is a presentation that outlines some ideas on how to create a set of best practices for dealing with client data in way that is ethical and protects their privacy.

6. Eviction Fighter Chatbot

This Chatbot helps someone who has been evicted determine if it was legal and what steps they should take to have the best chance of protecting their home.

7. Chatbot for Youth Aging out of Foster Care

This is a tool designed to help youth aging out of healthcare find resources that are available to them.

8. Drupal Chatbot Integration Module

This was creating an outline for a drupal module that would make it easy to put a DialogueFlow chat bot in your site.

9. Drupal 8 Distribution for Legal Aid Organizations

A project to create Drupal 8 Distribution modified to fit the needs and requirements of legal aid organizations.

If you are interested in participating but missed this one there are two more on the calendar. January 8th 2019 there will be an on site hackathon prior to the Innovations in Technology Conference in New Orleans, May 18-19 2019 the will be a virtual one like there where any can participate remotely.

At LSNTAP we have created a guide on how to organize and host your own hackathon style event. If this is something that interests you check out our Game Jam and Hackathon Guide.

Posted: July 14, 2018