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Organization Mission

The mission of Community Legal Aid is to improve the lives of low-income and elderly people through legal assistance that protects fundamental rights, secures access to basic needs, and challenges policies and practices that harm our clients.

Organization Description

Community Legal Aid provides free, civil (non-criminal) legal services to low-income and elderly residents of the five counties of Central and Western Massachusetts. The organization maintains fulltime offices in Worcester, Springfield, Northampton, Pittsfield and Fitchburg. CLA helps individuals and families protect and defend their most fundamental rights by providing free, high-quality legal assistance in several core areas to those who cannot afford it. CLA’s priority areas are homelessness prevention; access to benefits, healthcare, and services in school; family law for domestic violence survivors; and elder law. CLA also has several special projects that benefit certain targeted segments of the client community.

With roots dating back to 1951, Community Legal Aid (CLA) was established in 2011 when Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachusetts consolidated its operations with Western Massachusetts Legal Services. The current organizational name, brand, and website were established at the time of this consolidation.

The Central West Justice Center (CWJC), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Community Legal Aid, focuses on cases involving humanitarian-based immigration relief; employment rights; housing and homelessness issues; and access to public benefits

Administrative Office

Address 405 Main Street Worcester, MA 01608

Current websites: &* * While a separate site needs to be maintained for CWJC, the CLA parent brand and website are the priority


Tom Navin, Development Director 413-727-7115/

Project Description or Intent Our current site was built in 2011 and it shows. We seek a web development partner to help us redesign and rebuild our website. In addition to refreshing the look and feel of the site to make it current and compelling, we want to refine the information on the site to eliminate redundant or unnecessary pages and combine or condense pages where appropriate.

Our goal is to develop a website that is clear, compelling, and current and does an outstanding job telling the story of CLA and our work. It should express our commitment to social justice and our dedication to working to ensure fairness and justice for all.

Key audiences for the website include:

  • donors, funders, potential donors and funders
  • pro bono volunteer attorneys, potential volunteers and interns
  • current clients and those seeking our organization’s services
  • members of the organization’s board of directors
  • prospective job candidates of the organization
  • the media
  • government officials

In addition, we are working to build public awareness about CLA and our work in the communities in our service area. This website needs to serve a general education function for those who may not know much about our work or civil legal aid. We’ll need a new site that both looks attractive and can be easily managed, updated, and modified by CLA staff.

Project Description > Design

For design we’re looking to ensure the new site is clean, modern, and compelling. The site must work on mobile devices, and must be easy to navigate for our different audiences.

The site should be organized and present our information in a visually compelling way that best serves our different audiences rather than reflecting our internal organizational structure. Our logo is very important and should be featured prominently. We use the color blue throughout our marketing pieces so it will be important to include that color scheme.

Project Description > Programming

Our current site was built using Drupal, however we are not tied to remaining on this platform. As part of this project, we hope the team we choose will help guide us in choosing the platform that suits our needs best.

It would be interesting to investigate how a new site may integrate into our back-end Salesforce CRM. We currently use Salesforce to manage donors and potential donors, and we would like to use this platform more with our pro bono volunteers and projects.

Project Description > Function

In addition to being the public “front door” of our organization, our website must provide clear and user-friendly links to:

  • Online giving form / e-commerce form to receive donations (currently hosted by Click & Pledge)
  • Online intake forms/applications for clients and those needing legal aid. (These forms are hosted on A2j, and will remain on that site.)
  • Sign-ups for e-mail communications and to view and connect with us on social media
  • Online sign-up for our volunteer lawyers, including sign-ups for specific events
  • Online application submissions for potential employees?

In addition, the website must provide:

  • Automatic integration with our social media feeds
  • Blog capabilities
  • Access to newsletters, calendars, news coverage
  • An Artificial Intelligence powered interface so that users, especially those coming to our site in need of legal assistance, can access the website in their natural language.

And, the website must give a clear but concise overview of:

  • Mission, vision, service area, and history
  • Projects and areas of law
  • Staff and board
  • Client stories
  • Organizational achievements/legal accomplishments/awards


Our budget has been developed through researching comparable costs, and we are prepared to pay the competitive market rate commensurate with the scope of the project.

Other Helpful Information

The following criteria will be used in making a final decision on the selection of a web development firm for this project:

  • Technical Proficiency – Ability to understand all of the components involved and make recommendations.
  • Proactive – Ideally we’d like to find a firm that understands our needs and makes recommendations based on their experience with web tech
  • Communication – Communication is important, as we will have a fully dedicated project lead on our end and would appreciate the same. Being kept in the loop as the project moves through phases and understanding what will happen-when – so that we can coordinate with our larger marketing pieces will be important.
  • Customer Service – We want to make sure we’re taken care of and the company we select has ongoing healthy relationships with a number of existing clients.
  • Internet Marketing Knowledge – Although not specific to this project, internet marketing will be a big part of our larger plans. Knowledge of how to get a website in front of our audience is helpful.
  • Experience – Additional relevant experience related to this project, specifically experience working with other nonprofit organizations, particularly legal aid organizations, is helpful.

The final proposal should address the above, and specifically have a number of references we can call or email.

RFP Administration:

  • RFP Amendments/Cancellation/Reissue/Reopen: CLA reserves the right to change the RFP Schedule or issue amendments to this RFP at any time. CLA also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFP.
  • Minor Administrative Irregularities: CLA reserves the right to waive minor administrative irregularities contained in any response.
  • No Obligation to Enter a Contract: The release of this RFP does not compel CLA to enter any contract. CLA reserves the right to refrain from contracting with any vendor that has responded to this RFP whether or not the vendor's response has been evaluated and whether or not the vendor has been determined to be qualified. Exercise of this reserved right does not affect CLA's right to contract with any other vendor.
  • CLA reserves the right to request an interview with any vendor and/or a demonstration from any vendor prior to entering a contract with that vendor. If a vendor declines the request for an interview or demonstration for any reason, the vendor may be eliminated from further consideration.
  • Multiple Contracts: CLA reserves the right to enter contracts with more than one vendor as a result of this RFP.

EXHIBIT A - VENDOR RESPONSE Responses must contain the following information in the following format. Please restate the requirement or question and number your responses to correspond with the information requested here.

1. Vendor’s Name, address, federal tax identification number or Social Security Number (SSN), Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) number, and a description of the vendor’s legal status, e.g., corporation, sole proprietor, etc.

2. Vendor contact’s Name, telephone number, fax number and email.

3. A statement that guarantees that the response constitutes a firm offer valid for sixty (60) days following receipt and that CLA may accept any time within the 60day period.

4. A statement on whether the vendor or any employee of the vendor is related by blood or marriage to a CLA employee or member of its Board of Directors or resides with an CLA employee or member of its Board of Directors. If there are such relationships, list the names and relationships of said parties. Include the position and responsibilities within the vendor's organization of such vendor employees.

5. State whether the vendor has been a party in any litigation during the past five (5) years, all such incidents except employment-related cases must be described, including the other parties' name, address, and telephone number. Present the vendor's position on the matter.

6. Provide at least two (2) references for same or similar services you have completed for others in the last five years. Please include a phone number or email address of the referenced individual so he/she may be contacted.

7. Provide 3 work samples of similar projects or links to a design portfolio.

8. Please provide a Statement of Interest and Understanding which includes a description of your approach to completing the Scope of Work and Deliverables along with a project timeline and detailed project budget.

9. Please state your total cost for completing this work.

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