Limited Operations & Good Bye from Sart

Starting August 14th, LSNTAP is suppending help desk untill a new coordinator appointed.  LSNTAP will still do live online trainings & host the LSNTAP Email list. 

For a little over 8 years I have had the honor of running LSNTAP and helping grow the community of legal tech people from a few hundred to over 800 on this community list.  Over the past few years we have created over 200 videos and run over 100 in person online trainings. We have hosted guest speakers on AI, Online Dispute resolution, Chat bots, Document assembly, accessibility, copyright, MIS Mapping, and cyber security to name a few. I am proud of all that we have done with my favorite being the Social Justice Game Jam hosted by the Living Computer Museum.

With a heavy heart though I am leaving LSNTAP.  As of August 15th, I will be working with a Limited License Legal Technician Firm and an accompanying startup software firm to improve their use of technology to help people represent themselves in court.  I will also be engaging in family law litigation for the firm.  I want to get inside courts more to see how we can use tech better in a courtroom setting and also see what clients’ needs are from a new perspective. I also love public speaking more than almost  anything in the world.

I look forward to being an evangelist for the things we value including, closing the justice gap, plain langue everything (including court rules), inclusive technology design, and accessibility by default. This Social Justice Wizard is not leaving but moving on to a new quest.

Northwest Justice Project is working with LSC and the TIG team to ensure that critical LSNTAP services continue for the community. I will be helping with the transition by hosting webinars during this transition, and I will be at MIE in Atlanta and IT Con in my home town Portland hit me up there for advice on what to do after the convention.

For LSNTAP related help please update your emails to

Please connect with me online:


Thank You All,

Sart Rowe


Posted: August 12, 2019