Programs Manager for VT Judiciary Access and Resource Center

The Access and Resource Center in Burlington, VT seeks a programs manager to develop a new statewide resource center and related access to justice programs, centers, pilots and initiatives in partnership with the terrific team within the Vermont Judiciary. The position is located in Burlington and will be responsible for the development and management of a new Access and Resource Center (ARC). The ARC will be a service center for those representing themselves; for those with limited English proficiency; for those in need of information about their case, about the judicial process, or about accessing Judiciary forms and services; and for those who are in need of referral to services. The position reports to the Chief of the Planning and Court Services Division.

Intersted candidates should submit a complete and up-to-date Judicial Branch Application and a resume to the following email address:

An electronic version of the Application can be found at:

CAO Prgrms Mgr ARC 6.15.21.pdf144.96 KB

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