Nevada Legal Services - Project Manager

The Neighborhood Legal Access Program is seeking a Project Manager.  The Neighborhood Legal Access Program (“NLAP”) is a joint venture between the five legal aid organizations in Nevada and the Nevada Access to Justice Commission.  Nevada Legal Services is serving as the fiscal umbrella and will be paying the Project Manager.  This position will be an independent contractor and will be responsible for paying their own taxes. 

 The NLAP will bring access to legal assistance to local public libraries.  The Project Manager will be responsible for ensuring that all the goals and objectives of the project are completed within the grant period; including but not limited to: researching currently available Nevada legal resources that are online, working with the Committee that created the project to create new legal resources that may be needed, researching the types of kiosk equipment available on the market, ordering the kiosks to be placed in public libraries, meeting with the seven local libraries chosen for the first phase of the project.  Travel to rural communities in Nevada will be required. 


This position does not require an attorney, but some experience with legal aid organizations, court systems, or law offices is preferred.  Excellent capabilities with internet research, A2J or Hotdocs, Word and Excel are required.  Must possess excellent writing and public speaking skills. 

This is a two-year project.  Contact Donna Pacella if you would like a copy of the project narrative and project goals and objectives.      


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