Facebook - Intro to Social Media

4. Facebook

Facebook is wildly popular, with almost a billion daily users it is almost certain that a good percentage of your audience is already there. Here are a few Facebook specific tips to keep in mind when managing your accounts.

Prioritise quality over quantity

While you still want to regularly post to Facebook it’s not a bad idea to space out your posts a bit more to be able to increase the quality of each. You are competing with the friends and family of the user and in a way are intruding into their personal space. You want to do everything you can to make sure they enjoy your content.

Don’t be too attached to number of likes

Don’t get attached to the number of people that have liked your page, remember that it is only method of measuring your progress towards your goal. Due to the way the Facebook posting algorithms work it’s much better to have a small number of involved followers than a large number of ones that does not engage.


Use Events

One of aspects of Facebook people neglect is it’s ability to create events. Events are a great way to organize people and get them involved, you can either use them to set up events at a physical location or ones run online.

For events that you are running somewhere it’s a nice because it make it easy for someone who isn’t part of your audience to see it on a friends wall or calendar and join in. It also bundles a bunch and automates things like reminders, maps, and RSVPs so you don’t have to deal with them. They are also a great way to organize events that happen purely online. A good example would be a webinar or online class,

Don’t automatically crosspost everything

It may be tempting to link your social media accounts and have them automatically cross post everything to save time, but it’s a trap. There are a couple of reason not to do it blindly, and some tips on how do it responsibly.

One problem with it is not everything is relevant on every platform, if you get into a twitter conversation that should not be showing up on your Facebook wall.

The other big problem is people often see it as lazy. It can be perceived as not valuing their time enough to make a separate short post tailored for the medium. This can be especially bad for your big fans who follow you on multiple social media platforms, then they get spammed by the same post over and over.

What you should do is tailor each post to the medium, if you are posting from twitter to facebook take some time to use full words and unpack things a bit, no reason to restrict yourself to the 140. Also if you are posting links this is a great time to add different tracking codes to the end of the ULRs, this can provide some good feedback on where people are.

Also it is recommended that you use a manager like Hootsuite to manage posting.