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6. Other Social Platforms

Other Social Platforms

In addition to the three previously mentioned platforms there are a few others that should be mentioned. While valuable you are probably not going to spend much time on these platforms, they are a bit more specialized.


What is YouTube

Though it’s not how many people think about it all YouTube is is a social media site based around sharing and watching videos. Unlike most other social media sites the majority of users are passively consuming content and tends to be focused around popular videos and channels.

How should you use it

You should be making and posting videos, and YouTube is one of the two good places to put them up. Historically it’s hard for people in the nonprofit legal sector to get much traction, however if the videos you are making have some public appeal and you get lucky you could get a little community around your channel. It’s not something to plan for but be away it could happen.

Youtube via Facebook issues

A note for for people sharing publishing on YouTube and then sharing on Facebook, you probably want embed your videos in the post rather than just publishing a link. Because of the way the Facebook videos autoplay people are far more likely to interact with it compared to a YouTube video. Also there is speculation that Facebook is more likely to show embedded videos to people who follow you than YouTube ones.

The ideal solution seems to be both embed the videos and post them to YouTube. One for the initial views and one to build a backlog.

What is Linkedin

Linkedin bills itself as a business oriented social networking service. In practice it is mostly a place for people to store their resumes, and for HR to browse around a find talent. Other than uploading and maintaining their resume most people never use the site or interact with other people. Linkedin has the capability to host discussion and more rich features, the use though lags behind the features.

How should you use it

There are a few people who try to use it as a social network, it’s worth taking a quick look to see if a relevant one exists. While not many people use it as a social site pretty much everyone who does uses is a professional, depending on your goals these people might be far more likely to be exactly the audience you want.


What is it

What is Instagram is functionally very similar to twitter, the main difference is every post a picture with maybe a comment. There are two main differences between Instagram and Twitter.

How is it different

The audience of Instagram is significantly younger than that of twitter.

Unlike with Twitter people see all of the posts in their feed. Unlike the text of twitter when you are going through a feed of images you can’t really not see them.

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