NY Courts - Plain Language Coordinator

The Plain Language Coordinator for the NYS Unified Court System will be responsible for the statewide development and implementation of plain language forms, reference materials and web content. Duties include, but are not limited to: assisting with developing and implementing plain language initiatives; advocating for plain language changes including acting as a liaison with courts, advisory committees including the Plain Language Forms Committee, OCA Divisions, and outside entities regarding plain language usage in document and web content development; writing how-to guides, creating court forms, and rewriting existing forms; developing and implementing a train-the-trainer program and creating unique training for website content developers and graphic designers; creating and publishing Plain Language Style Guides; recruiting and maintaining volunteer experts to assist with plain language review and revisions; communicating with Counsel's Office on legal questions raised; designing, overseeing and analyzing user testing and implementing any necessary form revisions; and creating and maintaining an intranet site for plain language materials and resources.

All interested persons meeting the minimum qualifications are encouraged to submit a UCS-5 Application for Employment form (obtainable from any administrative office in a court building or on the web at www.nycourts.gov/careers/UCS5.pdf  and a resume and cover letter by email to TrialCourtSupport@nycourts.gov.

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