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Today, we are spotlighting community member Heidi Behnke. Heidi is the Statewide Project Manager at Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP). She is currently working on streamlining and integrating intake systems alongside strategic planning. In her free time, Heidi keeps herself busy with her two pets, Tiny and Scamp. Her favorite hobby is aerial acrobatics. According to Heidi, "Professional project management is growing in the legal aid community, and I'm interested in uniting us (attorneys and legal professionals) so that we see more success in our future endeavors".
Meet Emma Kimble, an LSNTAP Law Clerk and today's community member spotlight. Emma is a rising 3L at Ohio Northern University. Emma is the president of her school's Public Interest Legal Association (PILA) as well as a Student Law Ambassador. In her free time, Emma enjoys crocheting, hiking, and gardening. She recently spent a few weeks studying abroad in Iceland with ONU.  After graduation, Emma intends to pursue a career in family law.
Today, we are spotlighting community member Kristofer Greig. Kris is a Law Clerk here at LSNTAP and is a rising 3L at Michigan State University College of Law. He has experience with IT and a few programming languages, as well as Linux systems. Kris is currently working on various Airtable projects for LSNTAP, as well as research into software and other technologies.In his free time, Kris collects vinyl records, cassettes, and generally any other old media. He finds analog technology interesting to look back on in an increasingly digital world. 
Today, we are spotlighting community member Ryan Levels. Ryan is the Data and Evaluation Manager at Community Legal Aid and has lots of experience in mobile app development and software engineering. Ryan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in data science and is interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is working on transitioning to legal server, data reports, and data visualizations.
LSNTAP is hosting a challenge to help law clerks working in the legal aid and non-profit arena build their personal brand. The challenge is open to law students working as law clerks/interns at legal aid, legal services organizations, and non-profit organizations across the country and in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Students working for legal tech companies and legal service partner companies working within the legal aid arena are also welcome to participate.
We are heading south to Florida today to meet community member Josh Lazar, the founder and Chief Everything Officer of TechThinkTankLLC. After more than 25 years working for other organizations, Josh recently decided to focus full time on TechThinkTank. Josh now spends his time helping legal aid organizations with RFP assistance, IT and Cybersecurity assessments, and software development projects. His goal is to make the marketplace a better place.
Today, we are spotlighting community member Miri Pogoriler. Miri is the Project Coordinator at Judicare Legal Aid and has worked on projects related to legal kiosks, automated forms, guided interviews/triage, pro bono portals, and Legal Server. In the next 12 months, Miri will be focusing on facilitating the creation of the Wisconsin Law Help website which will act as a state-wide portal to guide residents to appropriate sources of legal help and substantive self-help resources. 
Today, we are heading west to California to meet Susan Vincent. Susan is the Legal IT Manager for the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. Over the last few years, Susan has worked on technology projects involving LegalServer, SharePoint, Microsoft Power Platform, Business Process Improvement, and Tech Trainings.  In the next year, Susan will be tackling the following projects: 
LSNTAP is happy to announce the release of the Word version of WriteClearly. This project is made possible through a partnership with Urban Insight with funding by the Legal Services Corporation.
The Michigan Advocacy Program (MAP) and the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP) are excited to be working with Just-Tech to help advance the use of technology by legal aid programs across the country. Working closely with MAP/LSNTAP through the end of 2022, Just-Tech will be providing technical assistance, webinars, and technology-focused toolkits to help legal aid programs leverage technology to increase access to justice for disadvantaged communities.

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