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Today, we are heading west to California to meet Susan Vincent. Susan is the Legal IT Manager for the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. Over the last few years, Susan has worked on technology projects involving LegalServer, SharePoint, Microsoft Power Platform, Business Process Improvement, and Tech Trainings.  In the next year, Susan will be tackling the following projects: 
The ABA Center for Pro Bono is seeking a Pro Bono Program Specialist. Help advance access to justice through promoting pro bono legal services.
Who are the people you look to in the #LegalAid #LegalTech field? Has anyone been influential in shaping your philosophy? Who always seems to be on the cutting edge? Who is writing about tech for the legal aid/non-profit market? If there is a podcast, publication, or news source we should include, let us know. Help us build a list of "people to follow" by filling out our form:  
LSNTAP is happy to announce the release of the Word version of WriteClearly. This project is made possible through a partnership with Urban Insight with funding by the Legal Services Corporation.
The Michigan Advocacy Program (MAP) and the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP) are excited to be working with Just-Tech to help advance the use of technology by legal aid programs across the country. Working closely with MAP/LSNTAP through the end of 2022, Just-Tech will be providing technical assistance, webinars, and technology-focused toolkits to help legal aid programs leverage technology to increase access to justice for disadvantaged communities.
Our membership has grown and become more diverse, particularly as our work has attracted the attention of technology vendors. While having a larger community benefits our work immensely, it can make communication more challenging. To support our growing and active group, we ask that the LSNTAP community abide by the following community agreement when using the LSNTAP listserv. 
Join the LSNTAP Community Email List. This is a community-based resource for Legal Aid organizations and technology professionals to share new uses of technology, best practices, projects, and training opportunities. Lawyers, techies, researchers, students, and vendors are all welcome.  Join Today! Community Email List sign-up. 
LSNTAP is excited to introduce our new Advisory Committee. The Committee, made up of leaders in the legal tech and public interest spheres, met for the first time on June 9, 2021. They provide valuable input on many topics related to legal technology, helping LSNTAP better serve the legal aid community. We look forward to working with the Committee to further expand LSNTAP’s reach. 
LSNTAP hosted a virtual event on May 20, 2021. The goals of the event were to update the community on LSNTAP, connect the legal aid technology community, and provide the opportunity to get feedback from the community. The event also allowed participants to (virtually) network throughout the event.  In case you missed it…
Mia is a 2L at New York Law School. Before joining LSNTAP, she interned with Legal Services of the Hudson Valley. While living in the Middle East, she worked for a cloud service to improve musculoskeletal health with data-driven analysis. Mia’s experience has sparked her interest in using technology to help close the access to justice gap.

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