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LSNTAP has created a Google Group for Project Managers working in the legal aid and legal services market. Whether you have formal project management credentials or were thrust into the role, this group is meant to support you in the work you do every day.  The group is listed within the Google Group listings as LS Project Managers (the LS stands for legal services). You may request to join within Google Groups or by submitting a request using the form below.  
Join us for this open forum session where you can ask Laura S. Quinn questions about website projects. This session is a follow up session to the introductory website planning session on September 19th. There is no planned agenda for this session--it is designed to be a chance to ask general questions about website builds, planning for a new website, etc. The office hours were held on October 3rd, 2023 from 3-4 pm on Zoom.
Join LSNTAP manager Shellie Reid and guest speaker Laura S. Quinn for this short, fast paced session where we will provide some tips and best practices to help begin the process of planning out a website build or upgrade. Laura has been creating website strategies and helping nonprofits implement them for 25 years. In the access to justice space, she's worked with OhioLegalHelp, ILAO, LSC and others.  This session was held on September 19th, 2023 from 3-3:30 pm EDT on Zoom.
Why do we need a process for closing a project? 
The legal aid community is constantly evolving to improve and expand its services. From document assembly libraries to case management systems, organizations are taking on projects that will increase efficiency and advance their missions. Project management is vital to this work. Project management reduces costs by improving efficiency, mitigating risks, and optimizing resources.  
Finding the right vendor can seem like a daunting task. Join us to learn more about drafting Request for Proposals (RFPs) and selecting vendors. You will hear from fellow legal aid programs that have experience with the vendor selection process.
Legal aid organizations are continuously taking on projects to improve legal services delivery. In addition to core project management principles, there are a few things, like security and DEI, that should be considered at the outset of any project. Join us to learn more about tools and practical advice to help you successfully manage projects.
Every year LSC awards millions of dollars in grants. TIG funding provides an opportunity to explore new ways to serve your clients, help build your capacity as a legal aid program, and support your efforts to involve pro bono attorneys. Join us to learn more about the grant process and requirements.
Do you have an idea for a project? Are you not sure where to begin? Join us to learn more about planning a successful project. You will learn about the project life cycle and how to turn ideas into tangible projects.
With limited staffing resources available, supervisors often are overseeing the case work of a high number of attorneys while managing their own caseloads. Supervisors are able to leverage case-related data and technology to ensure the attorneys they supervise are serving their clients in the most efficient and effective manner. This webinar will explore some of the strategies used by the legal services community that utilize technology to enhance supervision within their organizations. Speakers: Darius Lind Senior Consultant Just-Tech

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