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LSNTAP is pleased to announce the launch of our new microcast. Everyday Tech Tips is a screencast that features short tips to make work more efficient. Some of the tips that we'll feature may be familiar to you, but they may be new to others. Stick around because we are sure to feature something that will make your work day more efficient and even fun on occasion.
Email. No matter whether you love it or hate it, it is a part of the office routine for many. However, there are ways to make it less time consuming. One of those ways is through the use of templates for emails that need to be sent frequently using standard wording. Today, we will focus on how to create templates in Gmail. Then, we will be back next time with directions for Outlook.  
50 practical technology tips for working remotely crowd sourced from the LSNTAP email list and community. This is a special working from home edition of one of our most popular webinars. In this webinar you'll learn about: •    Online Free and Low cost web apps for legal work •    Who is offering free Versions of the best tools during this crisis •    Ways to collaborate better online
From a designated email inbox to complex ticketing systems, legal aid providers have a number of different approaches to how they manage their IT help desks. A well-run help desk resolves issues quickly and has procedures in place for escalation that limit the impact on the users' workflows. Having a system that allows for easily archiving and searching tickets allows IT staff to monitor recurring issues for technology planning and training purposes.
If you do a lot of writing at work you might consider moving beyond Microsoft Word for your writing projects. People just using Microsoft Word for their writing will find that the program is good at finding obvious spelling errors, and not much else. Here at LSNTAP we have put together a handy list of software that will be helpful for writing and editing. Google Docs Price: Free!
  Speakers:: William F. Guyton and Sart Rowe   Technology Planning Is About More than Hardware and Software  
Earlier today I was helping a client with an upcoming Ignite presentation.  They asked "where can I find photos?"  These were my three suggestions:
If you create print publications to inform your communities about their legal rights and responsibilities, videos can amplify your educational outreach efforts. Below, you can download a copy of a 10-page Guide called, "How to Make and Test Videos (with Limited Time and Money)." This guide will help you start making and fieldtesting videos within a few weeks and with minimal cost. This guide is for you if you work at a legal services organization with limited time and money AND
More programs are moving to some form of electronic calendaring, such as Outlook.  An electronic calendar that is integrated with a case management system can provide a number of beneficial features, including:
  Today we had our most popular webinar to date with over 150 people attending We moved quickly and covered a lot of ground. Including the opening and closing we are a hair under one tip per minute. There are too many tips to cover in this post, but you can watch the video above, look at the slides from the presentation, and read the notes (lightly edited) I used for my slides below.  

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