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Sometimes, LSNTAP's role is to share other resources available to the community. For those interested in data, there is a young but thriving community growing through the Legal Aid Data Google Group started by Susan Vincent of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.
Join guest speakers Tim Wachenfeld, Blair Sordetto, and Miguel Castillo for a discussion on managing the technology resources of legal aid and non-profit organizations. The session will define inventory management, describe how and when to manage inventory, and give examples from the field. Although the discussion will center on inventory of technology resources, the lessons are applicable to other types of inventory. The webinar was held on Zoom on August 29, 2023 at 3 pm EDT.
Laura Quinn - Consulting Principal Zach Zarnow - Illinois Equal Justice Foundation
  A simple-to-use tool that helps legal services organizations use data to identify efficient ways to offer high quality and effective services. The tool includes: 5 high level and 118 detailed data questions about eligible people and their legal needs Instructions on how to perform various types of analyses Simple analyses for those just getting started Complex analyses options for data-savvy organizations
Data Validation and Quality Assurance Presented by Donald Carder and David Johnson
In this webinar April Faith-Slaker from A2J Lab and Aurora Martin from Pop Up Justice discuss helpfull tools that should be used during program design. Faith-Slacker emphasizes the importance of early evaluations and provides key questions that one should ask during program developing to evaluate success. 
Rachel Perry - Strategic Data Analytics Scott Friday - Drupal Developer Sart Rowe- LSNTAP  
What is the National Subject Matter Index? The National Subject Matter Index (NSMI) provides a centralized, comprehensive taxonomy of topics for the legal aid community by which documents and data can be indexed.

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