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Where once the case book used to be a standard piece of equipment and decor for law offices, modern law offices rely on their tech stack to get things done. So, we have begun assembling this database for legal aid organizations to use as a springboard for their research on what technology product they could use to complete gaps in their tech stack or to replace aging solutions. Expand the view by clicking "View Larger Version" at the bottom of the window. Use the filter to narrow the list to the type of technology.
You know about case management, document management, and records management. You use your knowledge of the law, the courts, and your clients to represent, educate, and defend them. Knowledge management is a way to address two critical facets of strategic, successful organizational management: • Making the information that you manage more useful and accessible. • Documenting the reasoning behind critical business decisions.
LSNTAP, in partnership with Urban Insight, hosted a virtual information and training session for ReadClearly and WriteClearly. The presentation was led by Ben Upham, Technical Project Manager at Urban Insight. The training reviewed these tools in detail, the installation of the tools, and how to effectively use them. Participants were able to ask questions and were surveyed on how likely they were to use the tools after the training.  In case you missed it, you can view the ReadClearly and WriteClearly training. 
Word vs. WordPerfect   A few weeks ago the Word vs. WordPerfect issue came up again on the LStech listserv. The question of which word processing program best serves the legal aid community has been discussed regularly on the list. Although legal aid still has some strong WordPerfect adherents, it seems that most legal aid techies now favor Word (or even Open Office or Google). We thought we'd summarize the discussion (with a little bit of added information) by comparing the two programs and discussing some additional considerations.  
What is the Difference Between GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar? Both products are excellent, but they serve different purposes. There are three considerations that would determine which one you should use:

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