ReadClearly & WriteClearly Training Recap

LSNTAP, in partnership with Urban Insight, hosted a virtual information and training session for ReadClearly and WriteClearly. The presentation was led by Ben Upham, Technical Project Manager at Urban Insight. The training reviewed these tools in detail, the installation of the tools, and how to effectively use them. Participants were able to ask questions and were surveyed on how likely they were to use the tools after the training. 

In case you missed it, you can view the ReadClearly and WriteClearly training

ReadClearly is a free plain language legal glossary for websites. It identifies complex legal terms on a website and displays a plain language explanation. 

WriteClearly is a tool that tests the readability of a webpage with a single click. It also gives specific suggestions on how to improve web pages with plain language. Catch long sentences, spot complex words, and search for simpler synonyms. 


Posted: July 15, 2021