Technical Assistance Program

LSNTAP's Technical Assistance Program supports legal aid programs with planning and implementing technology-related projects. We can provide guidance for navigating the challenges of understanding and deploying technologies in the legal field. We can also help programs make informed decisions while emphasizing reporting and funding requirements. 

Provisions for Technical Assistance  


Legal aid programs are eligible for the Technical Assistance Program. LSNTAP is able to provide programs with up to 10 hours of assistance per 6 months. 

How can your program receive assistance? 

Complete the LSNTAP Technical Assistance Request Form to request assistance. The form outlines all the information LSNTAP needs to know about your request. Be as specific as possible about your request. LSNTAP will contact you within three business days of your request regarding your request.  

Types of Technical Assistance Available 

1. Project Planning  

Planning is a crucial first step when implementing technology for a project. This is an important type of Technical Assistance because it informs project organization and efficient ways to plan and manage your projects. This type of assistance includes needs assessments, project design, and system sustainability. Please note LSNTAP will not manage your project for you.  

2. Vendor Selection  

Vendor selection allows you to find companies to support your program that are within budget and best support project growth. This type of assistance can help you narrow the field of vendors to the most appropriate for specific needs. This type of assistance also includes researching potential vendors and helping to draft and circulate Requests For Proposals to attract appropriate vendors. This assistance does not include evaluating potential vendors.  

3. Usability Testing  

Assistance with usability testing and UX design can help expand your project. Usability testing strategies specific to projects allow for greater success and to better serve the needs of targeted communities. 

4. Security   

LSNTAP can help with high-level security planning for your program. This includes capturing and storing client data and sharing data securely as well as ensuring you meet all grant requirements related to data and technology security. LSNTAP can help you figure out where to start in your security planning or what to do next.  

5. Training and User Adoption 

Technology implementation should always include training and consideration for user adoption. LSNTAP can help with creating a training roadmap for new technologies and creating user adoption strategies. LSNTAP will help you find existing training resources, if necessary.  

We may expand this list in the future, depending on the needs of the community and our capacity to provide help. 

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