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Resources here are curated in many ways, but often through crowdsourcing. Have something to add to our lists? The links are collected here.

As we continue building our tech stack database, I want to add a tech vendor and service provider database. We get so many requests for this information that it makes sense to create this resource. Knowing what your company's expertise is will also help LSNTAP better share opportunities.
As the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow, court cases, attorney guidance, judicial opinions, and state bar ruminations are abounding. Opinions on whether lawyers should use AI in their work will flourish. As these come to our attention, we will add them to this database and we hope this will become a great roundup of materials. For best results when viewing the resources, click on the link at the bottom right corner to "View Larger Version" and filter by state, organization, or type of resource.
Today, we are launching our next crowdsourced database which will focus on technology based consumer self-help solutions. These may be things such as web based information hubs, online portals, or websites that help consumers complete paperwork. Examples include Upsolve, the Filing Fairness Project, or Michigan Legal Help. If it is out there and designed to help consumers with legal issues, we want to know about it and include it in the database.
Where once the case book used to be a standard piece of equipment and decor for law offices, modern law offices rely on their tech stack to get things done. So, we have begun assembling this database for legal aid organizations to use as a springboard for their research on what technology product they could use to complete gaps in their tech stack or to replace aging solutions.
Who are the people you look to in the #LegalAid #LegalTech field? Has anyone been influential in shaping your philosophy? Who always seems to be on the cutting edge? Who is writing about tech for the legal aid/non-profit market? If there is a podcast, publication, or news source we should include, let us know. Help us build a list of "people to follow" by filling out our form:  

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