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On October 05, 2021, Sateesh Nori from The Legal Aid Society of NYC and Scott Ellis from The Michigan Advocacy Program shared tips for completely common tasks, like sharing and accessing client data, more securely.  You are serving clients in and out of the office. How can you be sure that you are keeping your clients' data safe? Are you taking advantage of the best tools for you and for your clients? Join us to learn more about how to work efficiently and collaboratively in and out of the office without sacrificing security.  
This webinar looks at common tools for digital signatures and scanning from your phone or at home. We run through common tools for each and answer your questions. Tools include: DocuSign, Panda Doc, Hello Sign, Adobe Sign, Microsoft Lens, Google Drive, portable home scanners, and more. Each how to will be used to create a short video LSNTAP on how to use it.
On April 2nd, LSNTAP, put on a free 90 minute webinar on how to work remotely and how to provide legal services remotely tha ahd over 330 people attend. The webinar included national and local experts on remote legal services:

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