Remote Work and Remote Legal Services Webinar Recap and Next Steps

On April 2nd, LSNTAP, put on a free 90 minute webinar on how to work remotely and how to provide legal services remotely tha ahd over 330 people attend. The webinar included national and local experts on remote legal services:

The Full Recording is on GTW Remote Work and Remote Legal Services and the Slides are attached to this post.

The webinar focused on practical case studies of how remote work starting with Montana which has been doing remote work for years. Allison had great tips including:

"Meet you client where they are

  • Use the Phone!

  • Provide Information using Multiple Channels

  • Consider means to reach people without internet (print colums and radio spots)

  • Be Patient"

The webinar had resources for organizations working to redefine how they do legal work online including. A Remote work guide by Probono,net – highlight how 10 org work with clients remotely. The Management Information Exchange has a Covid-19 Remote work polices and sample management documents page with 30+ articles and policies

ELAP also provided us with a pratical guide on scanning docs with your phone using Office Lens.

Just Tech presented a great emergency work from home policy.

We also talked about how to block calls from personal cell phones using *67 and the challenges of blocked calls for the senior community that is often scammed by blocked calls.

Our Next Steps are two fold: 

1st: Survey the Community for topics:

2nd Schedule Roundtables and Webinars based The next one is already posted, it will be an informal Q&A Discussion, for April, 9th 10am Pacific 1pm Eastern: Register at:


Posted: April 3, 2020