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The complete library of past webinars and training sessions is available on our YouTube channel.

On July 18, 2023, LSNTAP hosted a webinar on Software Selection. Speakers for the session included J.
This session focuses on how to create tech training for staff. Guest speakers Ellen Samuel, Michael Hernandez, and Terry Lawson discuss how to decide what training is needed, how to meet the learning style needs of staff, where to find resources, and more. Please note that although the material are focused on tech training, much of the material is applicable to creating any kind of training.
On September 14, 2021, Stacey Hawyer from The Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County and Ilenia Sanchez-Bryson from Legal Services of Greater Miami shared what executive directors and IT staff should know about security in a hybrid work environment. 
With many of us telecommuting and in remote work arrangements due to COVID, we could all use some help with managing remote legal summer interns and fellows.  This webinar focuses on strategies to help you and your legal interns succeed in remote work environments. There will be time for Q&A . Miguel Willis of the ATJ Tech Fellows, Sart Rowe and other explore the many facets of remote work with legal fellows, including:
This webinar will explore considerations for entering into agreements for technology services and products. LSC encourages its grantees to attend this webinar or view the on-demand recording. (It’s also open to others who want to attend.) Topics include:
This webinar looks at common tools for digital signatures and scanning from your phone or at home.  We run through common tools for each and answer your questions.  Tools include: DocuSign, Panda Doc, Hello Sign, Adobe Sign, Microsoft Lens, Google Drive, portable home scanners, and more. Each how to will be used to create a short video LSNTAP on how to use it.
From a designated email inbox to complex ticketing systems, legal aid providers have a number of different approaches to how they manage their IT help desks. A well-run help desk resolves issues quickly and has procedures in place for escalation that limit the impact on the users' workflows. Having a system that allows for easily archiving and searching tickets allows IT staff to monitor recurring issues for technology planning and training purposes.
Many of us have Google Analytics set up for our legal aid or legal content websites.  And many of it are using it to see the basics --  visitors, page views, demographics and the like. But how do you start to get a more nuanced look at whether visitors are getting value from your site, what pages are working well, and-- the holy grail-- whether your site is "succeeding" at your goals?  Laura Quinn, a A2J research consultant currently full time at, will be joined by Teri Ross from Illinois Legal Aid Online to talk about ways to tackle these issues. 
Electric Citizen partnered with the Minnesota Legal Services Coalition to redesign the statewide legal services website, The new site is set to launched in January 2019, We will demonstrate how we developed a platform to serve a statewide network of legal service providers, while providing powerful new online tools to serve low-income Minnesotans in need of legal aid. Content includes:
Microsoft Word is filled with lots of time saving tips that will make it easier to write brief or make more professional letters.  Presenter: Sandy Rylander - Rylander Consulting

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