Google Analytics in Legal Services - Idealware

Many of us have Google Analytics set up for our legal aid or legal content websites.  And many of it are using it to see the basics --  visitors, page views, demographics and the like. But how do you start to get a more nuanced look at whether visitors are getting value from your site, what pages are working well, and-- the holy grail-- whether your site is "succeeding" at your goals?  Laura Quinn, a A2J research consultant currently full time at, will be joined by Teri Ross from Illinois Legal Aid Online to talk about ways to tackle these issues. 

We'll talk about some of the more advanced metrics that might be useful for your site, as well as how Google's Google Tag Manager, segmenting, and goals functionality can be useful. We'll see demos of how both OLH and ILAO use Google Analytics in their day-to-day work.  Finally, we'll wrap up with a bit about the possibilities if you're able to update the source code of your website.


Speakers include:

Colin Murphy - Tech Impact

Teri Ross - Illinois Legal Aid

Laura Quinn - Ohio Legal Help