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6. Other Social Platforms Other Social Platforms In addition to the three previously mentioned platforms there are a few others that should be mentioned. While valuable you are probably not going to spend much time on these platforms, they are a bit more specialized. YouTube What is YouTube
5. Twitter Right now Twitter is one of the most used platform for social media by nonprofits. Legal services nonprofits in general are less active on twitter. Use Pictures People tend to follow lots of people and have to scroll through their tweets quickly, the easiest way to catch someone’s eye in a sea of text is with an image. Pictures are also great because they convey a lot of information without eating up your 140 characters.
4. Facebook Facebook is wildly popular, with almost a billion daily users it is almost certain that a good percentage of your audience is already there. Here are a few Facebook specific tips to keep in mind when managing your accounts.
3. Management Software / Analytics Management Software/Analytics When should I start collecting data You should start right away. It’s isn’t terribly difficult to set up something basic that is completely free, if you do that up front and you can track your popularity as it rises.
Have a Plan Before you get started figure out what you are want to accomplish. Without doing this you have no way of measuring success and it’s harder to improve your presence. One goal might be to get at least one new client a month through social media, another might be to get 500 people to watch and educational video you created. Collect data
Addition Information There is a lot of other great writing other there about the topic of social media, here are a few of the links we found more useful and interesting. A Few Good Tools for Measuring and Monitoring Social Media
What is social media? In this day and age everyone is familiar with social media, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have become all but ubiquitous. At its core social media is about leveling the playing field and valuing user created content above published content. Working with social media takes some getting used to but is worth the effort. Why should I care about social media?
Intro to Social Media Welcome to LSNTAP social media guide. By the end of this I hope to give you all the tools you need to set up and maintain your social media presence. This guide is made possible by by a grant from LSC.

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