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Who are the people you look to in the #LegalAid #LegalTech field? Has anyone been influential in shaping your philosophy? Who always seems to be on the cutting edge? Who is writing about tech for the legal aid/non-profit market? If there is a podcast, publication, or news source we should include, let us know. Help us build a list of "people to follow" by filling out our form:  
Have a Plan Before you get started figure out what you are want to accomplish. Without doing this you have no way of measuring success and it’s harder to improve your presence. One goal might be to get at least one new client a month through social media, another might be to get 500 people to watch and educational video you created. Collect data
Intro to Social Media Welcome to LSNTAP social media guide. By the end of this I hope to give you all the tools you need to set up and maintain your social media presence. This guide is made possible by by a grant from LSC.

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