Becoming a Cyber Security Ninja

Become a Cybersecurity Ninja with this webinar from roundtable technology! This is a very deep, very comprehensive discussion and training on all aspects of cyber security and digital safety. This video series is broken into ten different parts, one for each subject on cybersecurity.

Threat Modeling - Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment

Session 1

This video includes Digital Security Strategy as well as Threat Modeling and Risk Management Analysis. Learn how to perform a basic risk assessment, review different approaches and understand different kinds of risk. This video should also introduce you to a lot of helpful resources that you can use.


Network Security Basics - Firewalls, VPN's, Vulnerability Scanning Etc.

Session 2

In this video we learn the basics to protecting yourself and your office on the internet. You will learn how to understand key components that go into a secure network, you will learn about all the different types of firewalls, secure wi-fi configuration, vulnerability scanning and antivirus software. You will also be introduced to a lot of helpful resources to better protect your organization.


Authentication - Passwords, Password Managers and 2FA

Session 3

In this session you will learn why traditional passwords don't work and why using a password manager is so important. You will learn about both single sign-ons and enterprise password management system. Then we will get more in depth with two factor authentication going into the nitty gritty of fingerprint, SMS, Authenticator and U2F technology.


The @$#'s of Encryption - Communication, Info and Device Encryption

Session 4

In this video you will learn more about understanding the specific kinds of encryption, both plain and chipher text. You will also learn how encryption actually works, why it is important to encrypt some information, encrypting your e-mail, symmetric vs asymmetric encryption and the process of encrypting your mobile device.

On the Move - Mobile Security (& While Traveling)

Session 5

With this video we will be learning about risks associated with mobile use, how to protect yourself. The perils of public wi-fi, the ins and outs of encryption & VPN as well as mobile device management. At the end of the program you will be given a checklist for best security practices.

Don't Pheed the Phish - Phishing, Social Engineering and Ransomware

Session 6

In this installment we will be learning about social engineering. Learning what it is, how it works etc. We will also take a hard look at phishing, ransomware and give you a checklist of best practices. Tune in till the end of this video for a great list of resources.

Digital Privacy - VPN's, TOR & Social Media

Session 7

In this session we will discuss what your technology knows about you, understanding meta-data and cutting back on what share online. This video also has information on a lot of tools and services that can increase your privacy on the internet.

Security Tools - Review of our Favorite Tools and Services

Session 8

In this video we will spend the bulk of the session showing you 80 different resources in 30 minutes and then the video discusses how to research tools and the limitations of researching tools.

Now What? Incident Response

Session 9

In the "Now What" vide we discuss creating an actionable plan for what to do if something goes wrong and your security is compromised.

Become a Cybersecurity Ninja Series: Wrap up, Quiz and Certification

Session 10

This is a quick wrap up and then there will be a quick quiz to find out all you learned. There will be 20 total questions, each question is worth 5 points.

Posted: October 18, 2018