Copyright and Personal Release Form

When you are a first year law student, your readings are extremely dense and full of unnecessary legalese. Latin and words like "hereby", easily become a part of everyday discussions between law students. Although our professors teach us to write concisely, it is difficult to avoid writing like a 1900's Supreme Court justice.

With that, Sart, my supervisor, gave me an assignment to create a short and understandable Copyright and Personal Release form. Oh, and, Sart wanted the form to be at a sixth grade reading level or lower!

Although Sart sent me back to my desk multiple times to remove and rephrase the "fancy" legal language I am so use to using in school, a shareable draft of our Copyright and Personal Release form is finally available.

A word document (Copyright and Release Form Word Doc) and pdf version (Copyright and Release Form PDF)of the form are attached for convenience.

Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestive revisions to the form. 


 Copyright made of Scrabble Tiles - Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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