How to Create Youtube Videos

To start, lets get you set up with some software to actually create these videos. I have put together three different options for you, depending on the level of complexity you feel comfortable with and depending on the amount your organization has to spend on video editing.Camtastia 2018 Price: $250 Ease of Use: Very Easy Features: basic video trimming, transitions and sound effects. Software can publish directly to Youtube. Ability to add text and text animations and effects. Screen recorder.  Final Cut Pro Price: $299 Ease of Use: Extremely Difficult Features: Literally everything you can think of that you might want.When creating videos you are going to want to be able to use videos and photos in your projects, but in order to do so you need to make sure you have the rights to use those particular photos or videos first. There are different licenses you can publish work under, depending on whether or not you want your project to be shared or not. Here are a few of these classifications you will see when  looking for these clips and photos:Lots of sites have royalty free music and sound effects. Posting music you don't have the rights to possibly result in legal action, and Youtube my take down the videos and give you  copyright strike  Great Free Music Resources:YOUR YOUTUBE TITLE   • Needs to be what people will be searching for to find your video  • Make sure your title is very descriptive, not at all vague and just long enough to convey a point  • Very long titles tend to be hard to rank on Googlean example of how to fill out youtube fieldsYOUR DESCRIPTION  • Should be 3-4 sentences • Link back to your website (or applicable page on your website) • Don't go crazy here, most people won't read these even so just do a quick recap,  and add a few links - don't try and make a meaningful contribution in this area • Make sure this contains a link to your website and a few keywords   THE TAGS ARE • Should be potential search terms people might use to find your content • Be repetitive, cover your bases • Think about what people might actually search for, don’t only use industry jargon• Be clear, bold and easy to read.  • You shouldn't have to strain your eyes to look at it  • You don't necessarily need to use words, sometimes it can be more effective to just use a photo. • Use bright colors!good and bad youtube examplesLegal Services NTAP

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Posted: February 11, 2019