Texting Platforms for Legal Services

What are texting (SMS and MMS) platforms?

Texting platforms allow legal aid programs and nonprofits to stay connected with clients, as well as donors, employees, BODs, etc. Using SMS texting and MMS (multimedia messaging) is an effective and simple way for legal services to reach these bases and efficiently communicate in order to grow. Texting platforms emphasize better in-office workflow by linking to cases and informing employees of calendar events, appointments, reminders, etc. These platforms also include elements of data security when compared to standard SMS messaging. 

Why are texting platforms important for legal services? 

Texting platforms are important for legal services and nonprofits because it is a fast means of communication that can be scaled based on the size of an organization. There are security measures taken to protect sensitive data, especially when client's data is linked to specific cases. Overall, SMS and MMS platforms create a more streamlined and quick way of sharing information with clients and employees. 

What texting platforms are available for legal aid programs?

There are numerous texting platforms that may be right for your program, from key features to pricing. The following are popular legal aid SMS and MMS systems options that emphasize efficiency and security. 



FrontLine SMS



Posted: July 26, 2021