Outcomes of Your Test - Website Usability Testing Guide

Outcomes of Your Test - Evaluation

After completing individual tests the next step is to compile and carefully examine the results.  This includes the structured and unstructured feedback, results from remote testing platforms, and additional feedback. The results will help you move your project to the next stage. Some examples of issues you are looking for could include:

  • Barriers to users completing the task/fulfilling the site goal

  • Issues occurring multiple times within a user group

  • Issues occurring multiple times across user groups

  • Expressed preferences when conducting A/B testing

  • Common user-characteristics for users who successfully completed a task

  • Common user-characteristics for users who could not complete a task, or who had additional issues in completing a task.  

  • The amount of time it took users to complete tasks

From this information you can establish a baseline, begin to make educated and data driven decisions and compare the effectiveness of any future change.  

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