9. Data & Evaluation Toolkit: Acknowledgments


LSNTAP produced this toolkit with support from Just-Tech, LLC. LSNTAP and Just-Tech would like to thank the following individuals for their feedback and assistance with this endeavor: Holly Stevens (Legal Services Corporation), Najae White (New York Legal Assistance Group), Susan Bales (Michigan Advocacy Program), Whit Froehlich (LSNTAP), and Zach Ballard (New York Legal Assistance Group).

Toolkit's Table of Contents


What is data analysis and why is it relevant for legal aid organizations?

What does this toolkit offer to legal aid organizations?

How is this toolkit organized?

1. Overview of Data Analysis Projects

What resources are needed for a data analysis project?

When should an organization engage in a project involving data analysis?

What is the lifecycle of a data analysis project?

How does equity relate to data analysis?

2. Defining the Analysis

What is the key question behind the analysis?

How and by whom will results be used?

What will be measured?

What comes next?

3. Collecting the Data

How is data categorized?

How is data collected?

How is data measured?

Why do data types and levels of measurement matter?

4. Preparing and Analyzing the Data 

What is data preparation and analysis?

How is data prepared and why does it matter?

How is data analyzed?

5. Presenting and Learning from the Data

What are different ways to present the analysis?

How should the audience approach data analysis results? 

What’s next?

6. Building a Strong Data Culture 

How can organizations improve their ongoing use of data?

How can organizations maintain high quality data?

How can organizations ensure they have adequate staffing for data analysis work?

7. Overview of Evaluations

How do evaluations fit in to data analysis work? 

What is program evaluation?

Why would an organization do a program evaluation and how do they start it? 

What are Technology Innovation Grant (TIG) evaluations?

8. Data Analysis Project Examples

Project Example 1 - Website Example

Project Example 2 - Language Access Example

Project Example 3 - Performance Review Example

9. Acknowledgements

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