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Heuristic Evaluation

Scenario: You want to compare your website's interface against a set of widely accepted principles with a few people to assist.
What/Why: Heuristic evaluation involves a small set of evaluators examining an interface and judging its compliance with usability principles or "heuristics". Use a heuristic evaluation form to help you identify key problems (form attached). According to Nielsen, just  5 evaluators can detect 85% of errors with this method!

Types of Questions/Prompts:

  • Create realistic tasks users can accomplish on your website

  • Use the attached heuristic evaluation form to document each tester’s experience.

*Nielsen, Jakob. "10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design." 10 Heuristics for User Interface Design: Article by Jakob Nielsen. Nielsen Norman Group, 1 Jan. 1995. Web. 19 Dec. 2014. <http://www.nngroup.com/articles/ten-usability-heuristics>.

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Heuristic Evaluation

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