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A/B Testing or Comparison Testing

Scenario: You have a few options in design layout or navigation.

What/Why:  When deciding on a unique, limited site decision (such as the color of a navigation element, or the wording of part of your site) A/B testing can be very instructive. This is also helpful in site redesigns when users can test your current site and compare it with a new version of the site.  You can compare both sites through user feedback including strengths and weaknesses as well as navigation error rates and time to ultimately create the strongest site.  This establishes the option that provides the better user experience and which enables users to complete tasks most efficiently.

Types of Questions/Prompts:

  • Users complete concrete realistic tasks.

  • Observe users engaging with each task measuring time it takes to complete each task

  • Which option does the user prefer?

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A/B Testing or Comparison

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