Project Spotlight: FosterPower

Billboard showing stage lights shining on the words FosterPower

FosterPower is a free app, website, and video series giving youth in foster care in Florida access to easy, digestible information about their benefits, protections, and legal rights. FosterPower is a program created and managed by Bay Area Legal Services and funded by the Legal Services Corporation.

Even a quick look at the website and other resources show that FosterPower was created with its target audience in mind. On the website, the bright colors invite the youth in and the information is presented in small chunks. FosterPower also targets their audience using short videos on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. 

The team for the project includes the following people: 

  • Taylor Sartor - Creator, Co-founder & Program Lead

  • Rastko Durica - Co-founder & Product Lead

  • David Gray - Co-founder & Advisor

  • Heather Tager - Co-founder & Advisor

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