AutoMon offers a legal case management solutions for Civil matter management that manages matter, cases, parties, and the associated information. It is an organization-wide environment that supports users, and management features including knowledge management, Intake, and document assembly.  AutMon is built on Microft technology and is built to integrates with Office, Outlook and Exchange. 

The Case Management sol single master database, our solution provides a comprehensive, secure environment for organizing, sharing, and managing case information.


  • Case & Matter Management
  • Intake (not self client intake)
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Assembly
  • Email through the CMS
  • Time & Expense tracking
  • Calndering w/ Outlook integration

Contact Info:

Sales:  (888) 726-8110, press 1

Support:  (888) 726-8110, press 2

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Updated June 2015


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