Optimizing Online Outreach Report


Earlier this year Columbia Law School’s Lawyering in the Digital Age Clinic and Glenn Rawdon, Program Counsel for Technology at LSC, produced the Optimizing Online Outreach for Legal Services Organizations report which you can find linked at the bottom of the page.

This report gives a rundown of how various groups people use the internet, both in general and specifically sites providing legal assistance. This report also pays special attention to the three groups that LSC has identified to be at risk of being unable to find or access online resources; non-native english speakers, low-literacy native english speakers, and the “tech-averse”.

After laying out the current situation the report goes on to make a series of recommendations for best practices that can be implemented. This list is particularly well put together, the items are all concrete and actionable. Some of the suggestions include collecting and sharing analytics on your website, ways to configure your website to get the most value from search engines,  and make it clear who the site is aimed at to reduce the the number of ineligible users.

In summary it is well worth your time to spend part of an afternoon going over this report and seeing if you can fit in some of the suggestions into your organization to improve your online reach.

Download the report here:

Optimizing Online Outreach for Legal Services Organizations

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