Ten Ways LSNTAP Can Help You

10. Help create YouTube Videos for clients or staff: Check out sharelawvideo.org - All about creating legal aid videos

9 . Help reaching the technology baselines all legal services orgs should meet

8 Social media Guide

7 Hardware recommendations, ASK us for new recommendations, these date fast

6 Model policies:  Model Copyright Release Draft Privacy Policy GRPR

5 Where to find free images search.creativecommons.org  Thenounproject.com

4 Software Help: One example is for creating videos.  Ask for new recommendations

3. Cutting edge: An Intro to AI

2. Security Ninja Series

1 Tool Kits

Knowledge management 2018 Information Security March 2018
Call Center September 2018
Online Triage and Intake June 2018

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Posted: December 28, 2018